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Sep 3, 2012
Has anybody got experience of the latest memory test that has replaced the old one? It seems much harder - my MIL scored 6/50 but we don't know its significance, or how it relates to scores on the previous test.


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Feb 23, 2013

I didn't know that the memory tests had changed, so thanks for the warning. I'll see what I can find out.



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Sep 27, 2006
The most used test previously was copyrighted and this caused problems of copyright infringement. There has been a great deal of research into new tests and there are now tests being researched using computer games to assess the essential domains. New tests are being devised which whilst incorporating some aspects of previously tests, are being refined and more specific to the various domains needed in normal human functioning.

Formal Testing is not the final word in determining cognitive impairment and is used alongside clinical observations, patient and relatives observations.

Scoring on the tests is only an indication, along with other features which determine a diagnosis.

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Apr 29, 2010
Hi my mum did a lengthy test of about 50 questions last year but this has not replaced her normal Mini mental tests.
I would check out what and where the test has come from.

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Jul 13, 2012
my mum has only done 1 type of test over 3 years.
3years ago she scored 76, 6mth after that she scored 72 and 2months ago she scored 55.
I had to ask for her to be retested.
Recent memory poorer wonderful verbal skills.
even nurse spoke to her in earnest about stuff and she chatted sensibly away.
on way home no recall she had even been there and they were so sincere.
This does cause us some problems as people think she understands everything they tell her and if I'm not with her it can be a surprise later on.

She doesn't visit Dr's or have social services yet and
has been on mematine 3years they don't ask to see her at all.
This is in London Borough of harrow.

what a are these other Tests?


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Nov 16, 2008
My husband is given the MOCA test regularly together with other tests - the whole thing lasts about an hour. He is taking part in a research project. I'll try and find the names of the other tests.