New online Memory Box project


Staff member
Apr 29, 2014
Hi everyone,

We've been made aware of a new online Memory Box project that the Wessex Heritage Trust have been working on.

If you're interested, please see below for more info :)


If you are looking for more activities to engage and connect with the people you care for, our new Memory Box Project website could be the help you need.

For the last 12 months, we have been building a new, dedicated website for the Memory Box Project. Now up and running, the website holds an online catalogue of our Memory Box collection and a range of features and resources to help you run engaging reminiscence activities wherever you are.

This month we are running 3 live webinars on the 15th, 18th and 20th of February to give you a full tour of the website as well as tips on how to use it, either in groups or one-to-one. Join a webinar to have the chance to ask questions and get an in-depth look at the website and collection which aims to help you connect with people living with dementia via reminiscence.

For more information contact or visit to register your place.