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Jan 27, 2015
Hello Everyone
My father in law is currently in a nursing home suffering from pulmonary Alzheimers. My mother in law could no longer take care of him at home sadly. He is 85 she is 76.

He was diagnosed some time ago and they discussed power of attorney but sadly did not follow this through. We are now at a stage where she needs power of attorney as sadly his condition has worsened. But as my wife and I have never before had to deal with matters of this kind, we are looking for advise on the best way to proceed.

Also I read that if he was medically examined ( which he was) and it was decided that 24 hr care was what he would need then even though they are above the savings threshold, as he was diagnosed as requiring 24 hr care the government would pay the bulk of the nursing home charges, is this true.
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Jan 29, 2013
South Wales
Hi Jollynorthener
Welcome to TP. I'm no expert and many folk on here are very knowledgeable but from the info I've gleaned along the way:
Your dad has to have capacity to give PoA - we left it too late with my mum and had to go through courts to get it - so if he still has capacity to give it sort it Asap
Not sure what you are referring to re funded fees - it sounds to me like continuing healthcare - (CHC) - the criteria that have to be met are medically very high and not just 24hour care needed. My mum for example needed 24 hour care (was assessed as needing this in an old age psychiatric assessment unit) but in a residential home, as her needs were not medical (nursing) but help with daily living (washing, dressing, prompting to take meds and eat etc) and so she has had to pay.