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Sep 3, 2003
Isle of Wight
I`ve just registered as a new member. My Mum was diagnosed with AD early in 1999 but had shown signs of things not being right for 12/18 months prior to that. She is still being cared for at home by my father (they are oth 67). She has been on a respit programm of 5 weeks at home, 1 week away. Dad is coping Ok with this as long as he gets the break. The home have now decided that because she refuses to eat and drink anywhere other than in her own home, they can`t take her for a week at a time because of dehydration etc. They are going to try 4 days away every 4 weeks. Fingers crossed. It seems that because of this refusal to eat and drink my Dad has had terrible trouble sorting our this respite care. Is it that uncommon?? Whilst in the home she will not stay in bed and refuses to take her medication (a mild sedative) although she is no trouble on either count at home. I have lots of other questions and quiries running round my head but this is our main concern.


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May 28, 2003
No surely it is not that uncommon for a person to refuse food and drink whilst being away from home.
I can only presume that your Mum is not having her respite in a nursing home? It seems that she may be staying in a residential home, wher staff have less experience and training to deal with someone who refuses to eat and drink. I am, of course not saying that in a nursing home staff are able to forcible give Mum the food and drink that she needs, but for lots of other reasons.
Your dad should also have a social worker who may have instigated the respite. They should be able to advise Dad of his options with this difficulty, such as continuing care at home, enabling hime to go away for respite.
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