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Mar 5, 2004
Hi, I'm new to this, but people here are so helpful and kind I thought I'd ask if anyone has any thoughts on my father.
I think he probably has AD, but he doesn't seem to have the standard symptoms, ie he doesn't have the short-term memory loss, or not know what is going on. The first symptom I noticed was shaking hands, that has gone away but he struggles to use his hands properly and manipulate things. He is also unsteady on his feet. His main symptom is that he can't find the word he wants to use, he knows what he wants to say, and it always makes sense but just can't remember the word, he never uses the wrong word and given time he often does remember it. Also he can't do simple arithmetic anymore. And the other main symptom is his problem solving ability, he struggles to work out how to do things, especially if it is something new or he gets interupted. He can cope with routine things that he knows like making tea for the two of them, but if I want a single cup of tea using a tea bag he can't work out how to do that. It is a lot like he has had a stroke, which is what my parents thought it was, but it has been getting gradually worse.
I know people have said it effects everyone differently, so I am not sure.
I have started the process of getting a diagnosis, and he does know there is something wrong so he is co-operating. The doctor did blood tests and was going to refer him to the psychiatric unit for assessment but as they are moving soon there was no point.
He was in a residential home for a short period after a fall where they suggested a brain scan, do people know if there is a waiting list for brain scans ? I have also thought he could have a brain tumor instead.
I find it so frustrating not getting any action on investigating it, he's not well and I want someone to do something to help him, and feel I should be doing more.



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Jan 31, 2004
near London
Hello Val
I deeply sympathise with your situation.

The very earliest stages of dementia are most confusing for all concerned as there is no pattern and the symptoms come and go, with fleeting losses of ...well, everything, really. Later the situation will be reversed - if it is dementia - and the fleeting bits will be the good parts.

With Jan, the first thing I noticed was her inability to use a computer mouse, way back in 1990. She couldn't figure out how its movements related to what happened on the screen. Strange, I thought, for a woman who could [at that time still] play Rachmaninov on the piano so well you had tears in your eyes.

Then, at Christmas, it was taking her an hour to write a single Christmas card. Then, she couldn't write her name. She could make tea though. She tended to spill things.

In tests, she could not draw a simple clock face.

Yet she could still remind me of things I had myself forgotten.

All the time I was hoping it was something - anything - else.

For the moment, bear in mind that it MAY be dementia, but have tests done, you never know - it may be something else. Getting all the tests done is another matter - you just need to plug away at the medics.

Good luck!

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