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May 17, 2008
Hello Im new to all this tec-no stuff its confusing stuff but hopefully I will get to know you all and the site abit better.
I care for my mum who has Alzheimers she still has her own house but Im just five minutes away.
My life has changed so much this year I was made redundant from a job that I liked , my mum took a couple of bad turns which she has not got better from, and my daughter of 18 is leaving home soon to start her life in studant digs with some of her best friends which helps to make it abit better for me knowing that she is with someone and not on her own.
Today has been a hard one I have the flu ( so can not be bothered with my self ) and my mam has had a bad day the sunday lunch went ok I have took mam home but she is very confused and i am expecting the night to go down hill.
My partner has his own home and is very supportive of my mum.
I also have a cat who I sometimes forget to feed but thats on the days it's very bad ;) only joking!! in fact im going to feed her right now dont worry all you pet lovers out there she is well looked after!!
Tomorrow is another day thanks for letting me rant.


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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Gillian,
Welcome to TP...glad you have remembered the cat tonight:) It is so hard when you are not feeling well yourself to cope with everything else that you have to.

Well you will find plenty of support here for when you are having a bad day....and you obviously have a good sense of humour (despite the flu) I am sure that you will bring a welcome lift to others too.

Sorry you have cause to find us......but pleased to have you along.
Love Helen


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Sep 27, 2006
Dear Gillian,

Cats will never go hungry for long. My two march into the kitchen, have a little spat with each other, stick their tails in the air, get under my feet, and are so vocal it would be impossible not to feed them, just to shut them up.

I expect your cat is exactly the same.



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Jun 3, 2005
Hi Gillian

Welcome to Talking Point. I'm sure you will benefit from the support & experience of the many here who know what you are dealing with.


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Feb 13, 2008
HI there and Welcome

Not got any cats or indeed any animals these days but am sure the cat can fend for itself when needs must!! My only 'pets' now are the soft furry ones that don't move (toys!!!).
Keep on posting.


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May 17, 2008
Thank you


I would like to thank you for making me smile I was so pleased that you took the time to reply.
After a few bad days and nights with mam she has come through it and today she is much better which in turn makes me feel abit better ( my flu can not go on much longer )
My cats been fed today and is fast asleep on my daughters bed .(bless)

Gillianw. :)


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Jun 6, 2007
Hello and welcome,

I'm sure that you will find this sight supportive and full of very useful information. I care for my husband, and by the time I've fed him, the children, 2 cats, 2 hamsters, 2 rabbits and a guinepig I'm about ready to drop and don't even get me started on the cleaning out :D



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Oct 15, 2005
Hi Gillian, welcome to TP, glad you found us, it's a great place for support, info and a 'virtual shoulder' when needed. Come back and post often. Take care.


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Jul 31, 2007
Hello Gillian,
Welcome to Talking Point.
Don't suppose you want to swap your cats for two dogs do you?
To-day in the pouring rain I collected my 8 year old Grandson.
As we got in the house the two dogs, one a Golden Labrador and the youngest a chocolate labrador wanted to play catch in the pouring rain.
I was not impressed.
On a serious note, I do hope tomorrow you have a better day and your flu clears up.
Best wishes