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Dorothy Bishop

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Jan 1, 2008
does anyone else have a problem with a vascular demetia sufferer who makes odd noises to express pleasure at eating, or frustation at something annoying or attempting to remember something. each situation has a different noise. only heard in private situation ,not when other people are wiyh us.


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Feb 17, 2006
hello Dorothy welcome to TP .

Not really . but I am wondering how the person commutation is in speaking ? , as I am wondering if the person is finding it hard to express themselves , so when at home feel more safe in expressing themselves the way that feels more comfortable within themselves .

As my mother can pretend / hide how bad she is in fount of people from out side the family home .
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Jan 31, 2004
near London
Hi dorothy


My Jan has mixed dementia - Alzheimer's and Vascular.

Her only communication vocally now is noises.

They are difficult to interpret. I have come to the conclusion that something that may sound very annoyed/in pain is merely her way of saying "Yes!" very vehemently. Or maybe, 'no'.

With all things I have learned to try to interpret so I can enter Jan's world.

It is very distressing but I'm not going to stop.

What are your worries with this particularly?

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Mar 14, 2006
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Hi Dorothy .... my mum has a diagnosis of Alz + LBD ...... and have noticed of late she has taken to making a 'clicking noise' I have never heard her do in her life before ...... ..... I noticed it first on Mother's Day this year when she was so happy and excited ... but since have noticed it other times ....... it seems to accompany moments of high emotion (good or bad) .... when she simply cannot articulate what she would like to ????? ..... mum's speech is generally good ...... (some stutters and lots of missing / wrong words and unfinished sentences aside) .... In my mum's case I 'read' it as heightened anxiety (good or bad) ...... and find a hug calms her down and the 'clicking' stops .......

Sorry, no real answers ....

Love, Karen .....