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Mar 3, 2008
My godmother/aunt has Alzheimer's and I am quite embarrassed to say that not only do I not know much about it, however I am trying to rectify that.
As part of my work later I have to do a lecture on any topic at all. I have chosen Alzheimer's as a way to learn more so I can understand my aunt more. I am hoping that through sire I can learn more as I go and have any questions answered. I have found plenty of books which I have been reading but I was wondering if anyone knew of any visual information that I could use to inform my audience.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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Jul 31, 2007
Dear Aj,
Welcome to Talking Point.

On the A.S. Main page are so many documents that you can download. There is a video but it would be better asking Head Office and you will find them very helpful.

More people will come on line and offer you advice.

On a personel level, we can read all the books on the subject but it is here with the Carers' who have the experience.

Best wishes