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New member saying hello

Sad Misty

Registered User
Jun 8, 2015
Hello al

I decided to become a member in this forum as my mum (when diagnosed 60 now ( she´s born 47 ) so quait young not to mention she got her diagnose after loosing my step father the year before (massive brain bleed (he was 60 )

Anyway me im 40 + and im sadly the only child and the only one close enough to be there fore her as the rest of the family are scatted al over . I have been helping my mum since roughly 4 years ago when she moved here and we also got the diagnose and i will continue to do AL i can fore her as best i can (im sadly also diagnosed with ADHD so you can probably al imagine this isent easy fore me . i DO have MASSIVE support from the county with al the help i ask fore but stupid that i was i have also from love fore my mother sacrificed most of what little personal life i do have (im also on permanent disability ) and al this have naturally takend its fair toll on my personal health and my ADHD have severely increased from learning to handle it before this .

The reason i finally decided to join as soon as found about this forum is the same as i believe al else in here i believe i can be both able to help and suport as well as find the same back in return

up to now things have worked pretty ok with LOTS of back stage work from me (ie grocery chopping fore her ,taking care of her dog thats her EVERYTHING in life ) and most of the ord ground work while she is on a GREAT Dementia day center sort of 4 days a week,and one day a week 2 hoers /8 hoers a month her GREAT contact person, And also making shore she eats and help her cook some food weekends . however as her dementia start to increase im now sadly forced to step down some and hand it over to more capable persons that aren't as emotionally attached to her as we are as things have since about 2 weeks started to go the wrong way and we started to have problems (she was so bad and felt so bad that she actually cried at the day place ,and also as others have described i was starting to get suspected fore stealing from her and so on (she does have a person assigned by the court to take care of her financials as well as the other parts and i have 1000 % support from him mind you as the others as well in the county (the staff and so on handling this matters ) and it kills me to have to take this step back but i also know if things continue this way that the risk of inseparable damage between us is imminent and rather then risk this i step back and try to become her child rather then her extra parent telling her you can do that , you cant afford that etc...... Oh and she is on and have responded well on stopping med`s and added social life

Well i believe that should do as proper intro post about me if anyone have any further questions ask away and il happy answer you're questions

I will try my best to be a supporting and productive member in the forum and i look forward to meet you al

Oh and please do try to have some patience with my spelling im self tought on writing English (i have been a member fore many years in a few other different English /American forums were i have come to learn utliest understandably and acceptable standards in my spelling (not to mention as i also sed i do have ADHD