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New low for poor dad


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Jan 16, 2014
Sorry I think I may have already posted this a few days ago but can't now delete this one! Still makes me feel tearful though.Dad is losing sight of what a toilet is, has been for some time, started at home and 7 months on in his nursing home, pee'd in the fridge a few months back, mortified, dad would be so horrified if he realised, staff were very good, accepted it as part and parcel of this vile illness. I felt very sad for dad, friends thought it was funny saying you have to laugh otherwise you'd cry, I understand that but when it's your dad. I always knew that toileting recognition before incontinence is a problem for many in the grips of this illness but I was told yesterday that Dad has pulled his things down and sat on a dining room chair to do a poo, thinking it was a toilet. He was very resistant to being moved to be cleaned etc, took 3 staff, he has slight awareness on some things so maybe a glimpse of embarrassment or whatever came into his mind, who knows. Personal care is difficult as dad often refuses etc. I feel so so sad for dad, he was such a private dignified person, this illness strips every ounce of dignity away. Again the staff were brilliant - we are a dementia nursing home, these things happen, he can't help it, he isn't alone etc. I wasn't embarrassed for dad when they told me, just so so sad for him.:( I stayed with him recently for 10 days in hospital and had to many times steer him away from wanting to pee where he shouldn't and the walk from his bed to the toilet was a fair distance, very hard trying to get him there before it was too late.
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