New home, new job, New Year!


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Sep 5, 2007
East Sussex
I really am sorry for not posting very often. I lurk daily at work, but our system will not allow me to respond. At home, our 43 animals have more to do with that. ;)

Last week my 84 year old Mum finally moved into a care home close to where we live. She seems content and hasn't asked after her old home once. I guess that's the advantage you get from them spending several weeks in hospital first. Having read some of your posts about sitting down and writing cards together, that is exactly what I found myself doing this evening. Mum couldn't remember a close friend from 15 years ago, so we sent one to her dead sister instead. (Yes, I agree entirely - entering their reality is so much easier). I left her plugged in to her new iPod. It was only recently that I realised I hadn't heard her listening to music for ages. I guess she couldn't operate the CD player. Now I've ripped all her CDs and downloaded books and radio programmes. The staff were instructed to unplug her at bed time! Sitting in the car outside, I turned on my own CD and had to laugh. It was very tempting to sneak one of my Eminem tracks into her playlist and watch her expression. :eek:

With a few days to go until I get my notice at work (nice Christmas present), my old sector have just offered me a job. Actually, not any job, but the one I am doing right now. It seems as though they don't want to pay more expensive staff to do the rest of my work - the work that can't be handled in Bangalore. It probably won't be finalised until the New Year, but it looks as though I can still afford the vet bills (just).

It's difficult knowing what to say to you at this time of year as I know many of you are going through a difficult time. I guess the best thing is to wish for a peaceful Christmas and the strength to handle whatever the New Year may bring.


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Jul 31, 2007
Der Zooey,
I would loved to have seen you Mother if Emimen had been onthe ipod. You never know she may have like it!! I wish you all the best for the new home, so pleased about the job, and I wish you a more peaceful 2008.
Yes it is the time off year that A.D. puts a stop to the usual family celebrations. Like birthdays, Father/Mother's Day, Easter and such.
So it will be another day which we can only hope to cope with the best we can.
I wish you a relaxing day.
Very best wishes . Christine


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
I guess the best thing is to wish for a peaceful Christmas and the strength to handle whatever the New Year may bring.
And the same to you, Zooey.

Good news about your mum, she's very with it with her iPod! I bet she's the envy of the home.

And congratulations on the new/old job.

All the best,


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Sep 27, 2006
Wishing all of us, wherever we are and whatever our circumstances, a peaceful Christmas.

Zooey you are much more advanced than I am in technological gadgets. Keep hearing about ipods etc but have never got round to finding out what they do and how to use one. Must put this top of my New Year's resolutions list. xx TinaT

Margaret W

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Apr 28, 2007
North Derbyshire
Zooey, good news about the job.

My hubby went out today and bought an i-pod for one of our daughters for christmas. Looks a very expensive square inch for £120, and how is it any better than my walkman? Oh, I am way behind the times.

Mum said she might like a radio, but hey, even that is fraught with technology. DAB? Eh? Battery or mains. Afraid I just abaondoned the idea and bought her a handbag instead.