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New here and looking for any advice

Manda jane

New member
Sep 21, 2021
Hi all, looking for any kind of advice on where to turn. Mum is 69 and currently in a nursing home after being cared for at home for 4 years, diagnosis is Primary progressive aphasia, which falls under the Alzheimer's umbrella, this mainly affects her communication so now communication can be difficult although she never stops trying, high anxiety, and in general dementia symptoms, mum is very mobile and likes contact with others or gets very sad and anxious. currently mum is in a nursing facility and on a floor for nursing needs, which means she is the only mobile resident with all others being bed bound, which does mean she is not stimulated, and although requires high care needs its of a unique variety (apparently) as its more social interaction and lots of cuddles, distractions and contact. I am currently trying to get mum moved closer to home so we can increase visits by all the family which would help her no end. however many homes see her needs as too high as she is mobile.
Anyone been through anything similar and know where to turn, to be fair adult care are trying their hardest, it just seems that anyone with dementia and mobile is classed as difficult, any comments advice are welcomed.


Volunteer Moderator
Dec 15, 2012
hello @Manda jane
a warm welcome to DTP

your mum is fortunate to have you looking out for her
you sound to be doing all you can to find a local, suitable placement for her ... I think you can only continue to contact homes near you; maybe ask them to speak with the staff at your mum's current home so that they get a more detailed overview of your mum's situation, so any assessment isn't just focused on her mobility, it may sway their decision ... though it's best that a manager is honest with you if they feel they cannot meet your mum's needs, so another move won't be needed

I wonder whether it may be possible for your mum to spend part of her day on a different floor in her current home, so she is around different residents and might be able to be more social .. worth asking the manager?

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