NEW: Helpsheets about dementia


Staff member
Apr 29, 2014
Hi everyone,

Our brilliant Publishing team have produced some new helpsheets - more info below :)

Helpsheets are NEW simple summaries of our most popular information. You can read them online, download them, or print off a copy at

What do people affected by dementia say?

'When you are a carer you are bombarded with information – this [helpsheet] is short, sharp, succinct.’

People with dementia and their carers (especially from underrepresented communities) told us they sometimes:
  • feel overwhelmed by the volume of information they are given, and the level of detail they receive
  • prefer simple language
  • like to print off information they find helpful from our website
  • have concentration issues or sight problems.
Our factsheets and booklets are invaluable to many people, but service users told us there was a gap in our information. They worked with us to make these short summaries.

This is a great starter sheet which can be an introduction to the main factsheet for carers and family. I think it is excellent.’ - Person with dementia

The online versions work with screen readers, and are designed to be home-printer friendly.

What topics do they cover?

•           What is dementia?

•           What are the signs and symptoms of dementia?

•           What are non-drug treatments for dementia?'

•           What are drug treatments for dementia?

•           How can a person with dementia get support?

•           How can a person with dementia plan ahead?

•           How can a person with dementia cope with memory loss?

•           How can a person with dementia stay healthy?

•           How can a carer communicate with a person with dementia?

•           How can a carer for a person with dementia get support?

  The team will be producing helpsheets in different languages in the latter half of 2021.