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Kate P

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Jul 6, 2007
Well this week we've had some new developments with mum. Although I knew they'd be coming from all my reading on here I was still a little startled by some of it.

Firstly, we had all gone for yea on Tuesday with mum and dad (really so dad gets some company). Mum had spilled some food on her top and so whipped it off (much to the mortifications of the son in laws!) and refused to put another one on!

Her balance seems to be affected as she has started to stumble a lot.

The thing that startled me the most is when dad brought her round to my house on Thursday as he was at his wits end with her. She wanted something but we couldn't work out what and she screamed and wailed for a good hour off and on - she'd been at this for a good half hour before dad brought her to me. We've had this behaviour before but what struck me as odd is that although she was making a noise as though she was crying and was wiping her eyes no tears were actually coming out at all. She also would suddenly stop at the drop of a hat and just sit sulking because dad and I were ignoring her and talking to each other.

Dad firmly believes that she is genuinely distressed and is racked with guilt but it didn't strike me as genuine at all. She reminded me of my toddler having a tantrum to be quite honest.

Could she be crying without tears? To be honest (and I know it's pointless!) I was quite annoyed with her because dad was so upset and it didn't seem to me that she was really distressed - just annoyed that she wasn't getting what she wanted.

The final thing (I promise!:rolleyes:) is that when we were looking through photos my neice pointed to a picture of mum and asked mum "whose that". Astonishingly mum answered her but said her maiden name. I take it this is probably a bad sign. Is this likely to be the start of a regression?

Sorry for such a long post - this is why I should come on here every day so I don't bore you with such a long rant.:)

P.S Plus she tried to hit her carer but dad managed to stop her - are they likely to stop coming now?
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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Is this likely to be the start of a regression?
Hi Kate.

The only possible answer here is, 'It might be!' Not helpful, I know, but all you can really do is keep an eye on your mum, and find out whether she is regressing, or whether today was a blip.

As for the carers, again, sorry, I don't know. I wouldn't ask, I'd wait for them to contact you (and hope they don't)!

It sounds as if your dad is handling things a bit better now, which must make life easier.

How are you feeling?

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Nov 28, 2005

I cannot truly comment on the 'signs of regression'. These odd things seem to happen and then fade away- - maybe to come back again more frequently. Who knows!

Perhaps your Dad understands your Mum more than anyone, or maybe he is trying to excuse her for things that are not her fault anyway.

It is a strange illness and you can only keep an eye on events.

I am sure the carers are used to difficult clients. They are only likely to report it if it becomes too hard for them to handle.

Best wishes Jan


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Feb 17, 2008
in my experance with Edna some days she is doing things that she hasn't done before i.e 2 days ago she was chewing her food then didn't know what to do so I was trying to get her to swollow but it was hard then yesterday she was fine I too was worried that it was the end of her eating but since has been ok sometimes these things come then go again. sorry not much help but I have found it easyier to take each day as it comes and not take any notice of things that are different until it happens every day for a week, then its less worrying.

Lesley xx


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May 17, 2008
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I know that some patients develop "inhibitive" tendencies and regarding your mum taking her top off and not wanting it back on, I would say that she may be entering that phase.. I hope not but perhaps talk to her GP about it for extra advice.

As for the regression:- A tricky one! About four weeks ago while visiting her sister, my patient suddenly blurted out during breakfast that she didn't want to go to school "today"

I also thought that she was perhaps going into the regression stage and it scared the hell out of me, but she has not said anything like that since... so who knows? perhaps it was just a once off or perhaps it's an indication that regression is fast approaching.

We should keep each other posted on this one as it might help us all in the long run.