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New diagnosis


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Feb 5, 2015
Hi, mum diagnosed a month or so ago although been attending memory clinic for 18 months or so.

She is generally forgetful, gets flustered if anything in her world changes. My dad is around but is getting forgetful too. They are managing on a day to day basis , don't think they are eating properly and not convinced she is taking tablets as she should. House is clean and tidy and she is presentable too. I feel like they need some help but not sure what ?

The only time she goes out is if my dad, sister or I take her somewhere. I am not sure how they fill their days, especially my mum ( my dad is a little more independent ) . When I call her on the telephone, we often go around in circles but mostly talk about the weather but she often asks about the grandchildren.

Any advice on early stages would be appreciated :)