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New - Craig's Tip of the Week

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Mar 21, 2003

Welcome to Craig's Tip of the Week. Each week I will try my best to pass on some forum tips and some golden nuggets on how to find your way around Talking Point.

'Tip of the Week Number 1 - Existing Resources and Tutorials'

To get started, I'm going to introduce (or remind those in the know) of the many tutorials that are already available to help you find your way around the Talking Point forum. These tutorials also help you understand the forum's unique purpose and rules.

See Using Talking Point for more details. Just click on the link Using Talking Point and take a look around - there is a wealth of information in these tutorials very specific to the Talking Point!

Here is a list of topics already available under the Using Talking Point section:

  • Information on Using Talking Point
  • Locate your replies and threads
  • Who is Talking Point for?
  • How do I use Talking Point as a guest?
  • Summary of key forum rules
  • Posting - rules of thumb
  • Posting messages
  • Don't reply unknowingly to an old thread
  • How to post a reply
  • Private Messages - rules of thumb
  • Turning Private Messages on and off
  • Copyright
  • Private Messaging area
  • Receiving a Private Message
  • Replying to a Private Message
  • Managing your Private Messages
  • When you have no Private Message space left
  • The Talking Point editor for messages, PMs and signatures
  • The Talking Point editor - adding a quote to a message
  • The Talking Point Editor - re-sizing a picture to attach to a message
  • Locating topics
  • Ignoring content from another member
  • Tread with care
  • What is Talking Point not?
  • Posting messages on Talking Point
  • How do I use Talking Point as a member?
  • Ways to use Talking Point
  • Logging in and out of Talking Point
  • Sharing experiences of organisations and services
  • Posting replies – rules of thumb
  • Private Messages (PMs)
  • Using Private Messages (PMs)
  • Information for researchers, students and professionals
  • Advertising
  • How to post a Private Message (PM)
  • Reading a Private Message from your inbox
  • Adding more recipients to a Private Message
  • Reading threads on Talking Point
  • How to deal with unwanted Private Messages
  • The Talking Point editor - improving the look of messages
  • The Talking Point Editor - displaying a link
  • The Talking Point Editor - attaching a file to a message
  • Locating what someone else has posted
  • What to do if you forget your password
  • Finding your own posts

I'll pop back next week (or thereabouts :)) and post 'Tip of the Week Number 2 - How to use the New Posts feature'.

Kind Regards

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