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New consultation for carers - make your voice count

Louise Lakey

Registered User
Apr 19, 2007
Following campaigning by the Alzheimer’s Society and others for better support for carers, the Department of Health is developing a new national strategy for carers, which is intended to improve the support that carers receive. The strategy will be informed by the opinions and experiences of carers, and the Department of Health are asking carers to contribute their views, ideas and experiences.

A dedicated website has been set up where carers can post messages and engage in a debate on ‘what would make a positive difference or improve your life as a carer?’ The website suggests some questions that you might like to think about when posting a message, including:
· What helped you when you started caring and what changes would help a new carer?
· What different services or support would help you care more comfortably?
· What money issues are most important to you?
· What could change to help you do things outside of caring, for example work, education, leisure?
· Are there any issues with transport?
· Is there any training that you think would improve your life as a carer?

If you would like to share your experiences or have any points that you would like to raise then please visit the website at www.newdealforcarers.org/

The Department of Health will also be holding regional events to engage carers in debate and the Alzheimer’s Society will be giving a full response to the consultation. Further details will be available in the near future.