New Care Home Visiting Guidance during the national restrictions


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Mar 25, 2016
New care home visiting guidance has been published today, which applies for the period of the national restrictions beginning 6 January 2021.

As per earlier guidance, you can still leave home to visit a care home if their visiting policy permits visits.

There is also more clarity around 'end of life' visits, referring to 'end of life' as meaning those who are in their last year of life, and the guidance states that visits should be enabled in the final months/weeks of life, not just the final days/hours:

anxious annie

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Jan 2, 2019
Hi @Louise7 thank you for posting. I have had a quick read, and couldn't see very much new information, just no indoor visits now ( except for End of Life).
I know an "outbreak" is considered over after 28 days since the last infection started, so does that mean you can't even have a closed window visit ( where you don't come into contact with any residents, and very briefly a staff member) for the whole 28 days?!!
That seems unreasonable , in my opinion, surely the risk to staff is minimal, compared to the fact they will have no doubt had more contact with the resident/ staff who tested positive inside the home, and as a visitor I would take the risk of potentially catching from staff .
These outbreaks could go on and on and on. 28 days is such a long time.


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Aug 8, 2020
So nothing different then... just more waffle. How about letting the many people who have now been infected with covid (whilst relatives have been denied visits) and according to latest research will have aquired 85% immunity, have 'safe' visits. After so many months, the emphasis should be on quality of remaining life for all these vulnerable people, not quantity. Whats the point of having a loved one held prisoner in a carehome for the rest of their lives but unable to see anyone who loves them? Its barbaric!. Injecting people make well not change anything around visits either. Thats the mad world we now live in!