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New BGS Campaign Supporting Care Homes


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Aug 9, 2015
North West
The British Geriatric Society published a new campaign on 2nd November which supports the changes many of us are asking for and I qoute:

  • Care homes must be supported. Care homes were left unprotected, particularly at the beginning of the pandemic, with devastating results. Care homes must have equitable access to PPE and to regular testing, and prompt results, for residents and staff. Homes must also be supported to set up effective isolation facilities for residents with symptoms or confirmed COVID-19. Given the detrimental effect on quality of life for care home residents through not being able to see their loved ones, care homes must be supported to enable safe visiting. As we enter a new lockdown across England, it is essential that the blanket ban on care home visiting is not repeated. This Government has committed several times to a sustainable solution to the crisis in social care and the pandemic has highlighted that urgent and meaningful action in this area is now critical.
The campaign post also mentions resources in social care with paid carers being more appreciated and raising the bar for social care -no doubt to address staffing issues

You can read the full article here: