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Discussion in 'ARCHIVE FORUM: Support discussions' started by Netti Brown, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Netti Brown

    Netti Brown Registered User

    Apr 5, 2008
    Hello all - many thanks for all the messages of support - it does help in some bizarre way to know that there are others going through a similar situation to mine ... also helps to prepare for the next 'stage' of this horrible illness.

    As requested - an update on Social Services visit today. A lady called Jean came round - extremely nice, empathetic and great with my father. My father (poor soul) was agitated and did not 'put his best foot forward' (... which, sadly, for this occassion was not a bad thing!)

    Bottom line - there is not a lot of proactive help available - all seems to be reactive. My father is still able to care for his personal hygeine and that seems to be the main concern (oh yes, and that we have a working smoke alarm. My father is deaf and wouldn't hear it anyway!!).

    To look at what could be offered:
    - possibly a place at a day care centre, which organises activities etc. Not sure how often he would be able to go.
    - Jean herself will pop in and check on my father while I am travelling for business (very kind of her, as this I am sure is not in her job description!)
    - possibility of an Attendance Allowance, which would help pay towards getting someone in to check on my father when I travel.
    - information on Lifeline Carelink ... which in theory is good, but my father is deaf and cant use the phone very well.

    I am determined not to be negative, as Jean still wants to talk to me seperately, without my father being there. I hope that something more positive will happen.

    Thanks for reading ... virtual hugs for you all!
  2. BeckyJan

    BeckyJan Registered User

    Nov 28, 2005
    Hello Netti:

    It was interesting to hear your post and I feel it would be a similar offer of help here in North Derbyshire. When the day comes for your father to need help with personal care this county does offer free help in the morning (washing and dressing) and reverse in the evening.

    I hope your father will go to day care - at least there is someone keeping an eye on him. (My husband hated it but if he does come home he may HAVE to for my sanity).

    Is the Carelink you talk about - the one with neck button and button attached to phone. If so, then ours are wonderful. The night after David broke his ribs I called them six times - no problem and wonderful support for me.
    I think your father would cope with pushing red button when he needed help.

    Does he need reminding about medication - you may be able to ask SS to check on this daily too.

    I have a feeling there is not much help beyond what you have mentioned. (I am currently looking into a private nurse to give me cover when and if my husband returns from rehab.).

    I am sure you will get other suggestions - eg. Crossroads, Volunteer Bureau, Admiral Nurses. Yes there are a few volunteer agencies out there if you are lucky enough to be in their range.

    Good luck and best wishes Jan
  3. connie

    connie Registered User

    Mar 7, 2004
    Dear Nettie,
    I hope you have applied for Attendance Allowance on dad's behalf already. I feel sure i read that dad had been officially diagnosed, so that is the first hurdle cleared.

    Remember to use 'worst case senario' when filling forms in, or get help from Age Concern. The monies then that dad is entitled too, would therefore help pay for extra help at home.

    Good luck with the day services, they can be invaluable if dad takes to them.
  4. Netti Brown

    Netti Brown Registered User

    Apr 5, 2008
    Thanks Connie - the SS worker told me the same thing about filling in the forms for Attendance Allowance. I should get the forms in a day or two and will work on it keeping my father's worst day in mind!

    Have a nice evening
  5. Clive

    Clive Registered User

    Nov 7, 2004
    Hi Netti

    If your dad has Dementia it is certain he should be receiving Attendance Allowance. It is best to get an expert like Social Services or the mental nurse to help you put the right wording as to why he needs help, as the wording seems to be important to the bureaucrats

    Remember your dad will only get paid six months AFTER the date he first needed help so the date you say he needed help has to be at least six months ago (assuming this is true of course.) otherwise they make you wait.

    Remember also that payment cannot start until you apply so get a form today. (In the good old days when I applied (five years ago) you got paid from the date you asked for the form, but I suspect this has changed now and your dad will get paid from the day they receive the form back.

    Also if COUNCIL TAX is being paid on the house where your dad is living; once he has Attendance Allowance you should be able to get a reduction in Council Tax by getting a form from the Council Office. (I was not told this by Social Services when they told me about Benefits).

    Every penny helps so do ask Social Services what you are entitled to.

  6. CHESS

    CHESS Registered User

    May 14, 2006
    When filling in the form, don't forget worst NIGHT, as well as worst day. It can make a big difference!

    Best wishes.
  7. alfjess

    alfjess Registered User

    Jul 10, 2006
    south lanarkshire

    I phoned Alzheimers welfare benefite section, a very nice man visited, completed all the forms and Dad got AA, backdated 6 months.

    He also helped applied for an exemption from paying council tax, due to severe mental impairment.

    I now have to complete the exemption form annually, but although they still own their home, but don't live there, they don't pay council tax
  8. Short girl

    Short girl Registered User

    Mar 22, 2008

    I am glad to hear that the assessment went okay - sounded like the Social Care Worker talked about Fair Access to Care Criteria here! If your Dad will buy it, day centre is a great idea, he should get the stimulation there which is often so important.
    Indeed sounds like your Dad is entitled to claim AA - as another user said, take care filling it in, consider a bad day and don't forget to mention every aspect of support, including the assessment! Get GP and any other professional's comments if you can. If forms daunt you, then Age Concern can normally help with that sort of thing or the Citizens Advice. The other thing is if he gets the AA granted often it opens the 'gateway' to other entitlements - my Nan got extra pension credit which I didn't expect - the government deems you need more to live on if you are disabled. For my Nan, this covers her care costs.
    Good luck x
  9. Short girl

    Short girl Registered User

    Mar 22, 2008
    Forgot to add

    Sounded like the Social Care Worker talked about Telecare.
    Bacially the Careline is part of this, but it includes all sorts of basically, gadget and gizmos which keep an eye on someone at home. If you google in "Telecare", you'll see what I'm talking about. I got wandering alerts or rather exiting sensors for a client who had been found locked out on occasion.

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