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Nether here or There


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Feb 19, 2009
Torquay Devon
Neither here or there


Sitting there in early evening i was transported to another place, my eyes are wide open, so i am not dreaming. In this "Other Place" i have appointments, things to do and know many people, but when i am back "Here" as i call it, i cannot name anybody or anywhere i have just been.

Whilst i am "THERE" i seem to be living an alternate life, the people i meet, talk to and even work with i feel i have known for years, and when i am "Back" here, i know nothing of who they are. I feel an emptiness within as if i am missing out on things, i have that edgy feeling as if i should be somewhere, or i have missed an important meeting and shouldn't be "HERE" Sometimes. I really hope this is making some kind of sense to you all as even i am having trouble explaining this.

My memory is not good anyway as you can imagine, i mean dont get me wrong, it could be a lot worse as i have lewy Body disease and not Alzheimer's as first thought, but where as in "REAL LIFE" as a call it, i forget completely many things, and yet, the scant memories of being "OVER THERE are like being in a sky of clouds and every now and again the clouds break and i just catch a glimpse of what may, or may not have just happened. I am told this happens when i am hallucinating, and yet? My hallucinations are usually of terrible things happening to family and friends, awful deadly things which i wouldn't even discuss with my Angel Elaine, but this ?? this is like everyday life, and very real to me, and yet its not!!

Is this me slipping ever forward to the ABYSS?? Is this what happens when people with dementia tell you stories of where they have been, what they have been doing and who with, even though you know its not really happened. I believe these are not hallucinations as such, or as i know them anyway, but the mind playing tricks on me, and others, because of my / their dementia symptoms, i believe the two are totally separate !! Either way, none are very nice and certainly NONE ARE WANTED !!

What do you think ??

Hope this helps, Norrms and family

Norrms, Diagnosed with dementia 7 years ago ages just 50 and still fighting it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx