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Need info about hmas taking over schemes in everyone's areas


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May 23, 2013
Hi! I'm an unpaid carer for my dad.
He has dlb. My mum has disabilities and depressions. Following 2 accidental overdoses one 999 no hospital one a and e for bit...
Many blips with tablets. My mum supposed to be supervising!!!
We had medical assessment and dad agreed to signing to it.

Social services came back and said he's not been accepted on the scheme as he doesn't use any other council led home care!

I bust my gut to help him and my mum..It falls apart they both miss tablets. He's diabetic and he's had 2 overdoses of meds as I've said. I can't be there morning and night as I'm there 7 days.

In all of your areas what are the procedures if they have to take over meds???

I'm taking his case further..I need info from other areas to weigh up if what my council are doing is legal!!!!

We were told by S's keep ringing the ambulance if you suspect any more overdoses and the last paramedic put safeguarding form in...

Hope to get as many replies as possible

Thank you all.


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Jul 23, 2015
You need to contact the district nurses (usually through GP surgery) as there is clearly a health need for the supervised administration of medication.

Are there any social care needs? (i.e. help with washing, dressing, making a meal etc) If so then a social care needs assessment from social services will establish these needs.

If a care package is arranged the carers will be able to administer medication as part of their care routine, but carers will not be provided to adminster medication only, they have to be part of a care package.

You are also entitled to have a carers assessment from social services in your own right to detail your needs as a carer.

Hope that helps and good luck


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