Need help with funding calculations if CHC withdrawn


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Sep 4, 2023
Mum has an assessment in a few weeks and I would like to prepare myself if the CHC funding is withdrawn.

If that were to happen then I believe she would be eligible for Funded Nursing Care.

If FNC contributions are £ 235 a week
and Local Authority is £ 761 a week

Am I right in thinking that if mum has below the savings threshold of £ 23500 in savings then both of the above would apply i.e.

She would receive £ 235 a week + £ 761 a week towards the cost of her nursing care?

And if that is correct but then her current nursing home charges £ 1300 a week for nursing care then the shortfall of £ 304 a week would have to be self funded?

I have read on website that "If you live in a nursing home and only receive NHS-funded nursing care to help with costs, Attendance Allowance will continue to be paid.".

Am I right in thinking that mum would not be eligible for AA if the local authority contribute part of the costs i.e. the £ 761 a week?

Finally (and sorry for all the questions) but what happens if mum (or family) does not have the financial means to top up the difference?

Thank you :)


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Apr 4, 2024
AA stops with anything paid over and above Funded Nursing care. Her pension would be taken all bar the personal spending allowance per week which I believe is £30.50 now, so that would be another bit in the pot so you'd end up probably about £150 short a week. Which someone would have to be third party top up payer, or move her, or negotiate with home if they will accept whats available which some do after full payment for over 2 yrs