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Need help.......from fellow carers......URGENTLY


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Jun 29, 2014
The problem is Dad has started to act sexually interested in my sister. My sis is not Dads main carer that is myself, he never acts this way with me, but on friday night came to the point where my sister didn't feel safe.
He has so far never acted on these feelings, but has asked my sis what the consquences would be! Which has left her feeling anxious and understandably not being with Dad by herself.
Has anybody got any ideas to help us deal with this new problem.....been to see Doctor and there is nothing they can prescibe.....
Literally banging my head against the wall...................all suggestions welcome


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Aug 22, 2009
That's a difficult situation and I feel for you. You must protect your sister and ensure she isn't left alone caring for him. I think you should consider getting some outside carers in - minimum of two - or specifying that it needs to be a male carer because of the circumstances.

I hope some others can think of other ways but the main thing is to ensure your sister is never put in a vulnerable position.

If you have any concerns for yourself too - ensure you are closer to the door than he is in any room and that you have somewhere safe and lockable to go to (bathroom or outside) and that your mobile is always accessible e.g. in your pocket rather than a handbag.

I honestly think you should talk to a social worker because this is a safeguarding issue for your sister.


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Jan 20, 2006
There are medications that can be used in these circumstances. Go back to the dr and insist on help. See a different Dr if needed. If they cannot help asked to see a specialist urgently. There can be same day appointments to be seen by specialists. Be firm.