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Need advice on uncooperative lady to get out of bed


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Apr 2, 2015
Hi, I am a carer, and am struggling getting a lady out of bed, she's 94 , would welcome any advice, new ideas to try. has dementia in later stage, hard communication, limited on way simple chat can just about manage, but talks about things that don't make sense. Can take me we'll over hour or so to encourage out, with offers of cup of tea etc. or make out bed needs changing. Eventually she will get out. She's very stubborn and will grip clothes , go stiff when try to help move her legs. Once she is up, fine. Will co operate and have wash,

Ideas anyone ?


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Jun 22, 2009
Suffolk, Uk
Hi Juls

Yes it is difficult to persuade someone who's warm and comfortable to get out of bed.

What time of day are you trying to do this? I've found the later in the morning the more responsive my mum is. I also do things in stages, like getting her to sit on the side of the bed for a bit and have a rest, before attempting to move her to the care.

Not sure I've been much help but just wanted you to know you are not alone in your difficulties :)

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