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Jul 6, 2006
My father is being assessed at the local hospital. We brought him home, as part of the assessment on Wednesday night. He was given a drug (also given to epileptic people), and a sleeping pill before going to bed. There was also an anti agitation drug which we gave him before his return to the unit last night.

We felt that he could return home for the weekend and he will be with us tonight and tomorrow night. The hospital have not given us any drugs this time. We children are happy to see how this goes but my mother is a great believer in pills and would be less anxious if we gave him something.

Does anyone know of any natural remedies that may help?



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Mar 14, 2006
NW England
Hi Russell

Hope things are as well with you as they can be.

I think this is a fascinating point .... I personally used homeopathy some years ago ..... (which 'worked' for a particular problem where orthodox treatments just didn't). I'm sorry I can't help but am very grateful to you for raising this point and interested to learn myself..... (not sure 'homeopathy' is seen as 'natural'?) ... look forward to others' thoughts on this...

Best wishes, Karen (TF), x


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Jun 27, 2006
I assume from what you say that he is not on any medication? Because, if he's on a regular medication schedule, and they simply failed to give you the meds I would get on their case right away - removal of anti-eplipetic medications in particular can have serious (possibly fatal) side effects. Having said that, I would be very cautious about giving anything other than a homeopathic medication - just because something is "natural" doesn't mean it's not a chemical - belladonna is natural put you wouldn't want to take it willy-nilly. Homeopathic medications are an exception because they are so dilute that they won't cause a problem. Whether they are efficacious is another matter or course - I am of 2 minds, although I have given Bach's "rescue remedy" to my dogs with some effect (although it may have been the alcohol in which it is provided that had the effect).

Otherwise, perhaps an over the counter pain reliever (e.g. paracetamol) or perhaps an over the counter anti-histamine to induce drowsiness might be appropriate. However, that would be depend on whether he has had any problem before (or if he has high blood pressure). Benadryl can induce sleepiness in some people (e.g my daughter) but makes both my son and I jittery - not a good idea for sleep induction, and it's defintinely not for someone with blood pressure problems.



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Jul 6, 2006
Thanks for all comments.

In the end the epileptic pill only was prescribed. I will only give my father his usual Omega 3 Fish oil and Ginko Biloba when he returns home. The weekend is going well with only minor problems.

The main benefit of the assessment has been to focus the minds of the family on Dad's future care. Us children will be providing additional support. A feud between my brother and sister has been put in abeyance for the greater good. The atmosphere at home has markedly improved.

My mother has shown signs of accepting that Dad is not pretending and a more supportive home environment is being created.


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