Nasty fall

Susan S

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Feb 16, 2008
newcastle upon Tyne
Mam's slight improvement following her 80th birthday party, which we held in the care home, came to a dramatic end when she had a fall on Friday.

She now looks as if she has been in a boxing match with a large bump on her forehead, two black eyes and a badly bruised nose.

We visited on Friday, but all we got from her was that she needed to cook the vegetables and meat. She continually tried getting off the chair and going for a walk even though she could hardly stand never mind walk.

We managed to distract her by feeding her jelly babies!

We visited her again today and she has dramatically declined.
She was totally incomprehensible and so unsteady on her feet that we had to get a wheelchair. She just sat there with her head almost resting on her lap.

She has stopped going to bed again and stopped eating and looks so weak and tired.

She did manage 2 hours sleep during the day and a care worker stayed with her in case she tried to get out of bed and had another fall.

We think that the end could be close, however, the carers think if they can get her to go to bed she may pick up again.

We remember back in February that her consultant said she thought mam had about 6 months left, that time is getting close.


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Nov 28, 2005

I do understand the awful decline that can occur following a fall. My husband (now 79) fell and broke ribs at the end of Feb and it is sad to see the sudden drop in his physical and mental abilities.

Whatever - if your Mum is near the end - I do hope all can be peaceful and easy for her. I feel that is all we can pray for.

Take care Jan


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Apr 30, 2008
Hi Susan.i do sympathise with you,but may i offer glimmer here?i have a resident in the home i work in who has had so many problems we thought manya time that the end was near.she turned 103 today!her cake set the fire alarms off!so don't give up they bounce back with a vengeance mica