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Nanna and her broken pelvis


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Feb 7, 2015
Partial Hip Replacement/Dementia & LPA

Despite my on going concerns and contact with Social Services regarding Mums changing dementia and continual falls following numerous paramedic/emergency responder calls it was clearly evident that Mum needed to move into 24/7 residential care. The care company who helped me lookafter Mum in her own home/GP/community assessment team all agreed that her care was maxed out. (I was getting call outs 1-2 a nite as well as attending her during the day). Finally when Soc-ser agreed to come out to assess her (she is partly funded by them), Mum took a bad fall prior to the assessment. The fall resulted in a 3.5 week hospital stay following a partial hip replacement. After nearly loosing Mum to infection, as nxt of kin/daughter/carer & LPA the hospital asked me to consider her recovery/long term care. I visited a number of nursing/residential homes & finally found an ideal carehome. Acting in a new role as co-ordinator I managed to get the various health/nhs/Soc-ser talking to one another, finally agreeing for Mum to be moved into the home last weekend. The hospital ward staff were absolutely fantastic. What concerns me now is that having managed Mums finances via direct payments, Soc-ser have indicated that they are considering contacting other family members to get their opinions and views on Mums future care in readiness for when the next assessment is due in approx 6 weeks. Please, someone tell me I am right in thinking that having both sets of LPA there's something amiss with this proposal? Neither of them have bothered to keep in touch with Mum, including when she was really poorly.(both live less than 1 hrs travel away& have their own transport). I have considered contacting Mum's solicitor for LPA clarification but time is of the essence. Helppppp!:confused: P.s Mum is settling really well into residential care :)
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Nov 28, 2012
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Hmmm, the professionals are very good at disregarding Health & Welfare LPA and no-one reads notes any longer. I'd e-mail the relevant parties with a copy of the LPA and always turn up at a meeting with a couple of copies (they don't have to be certified) because they constantly insist they've never seen it! Then you just have to stick to your guns and refuse to include any other family members as 'it's your mother's wishes' that you manage her health care.

Good luck!