Nan2seven's poems to raise funds for AS research


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Jan 8, 2013
Thanks Loopiloo, couldn't find without your help either :confused:
Bought now but the wife's just grabbed it first hop it makes lots of money .
Well done nan2seven x


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Nov 28, 2012
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May I suggest that people also write reviews on the book, it might spur others to buy it!

My copy is still downloading, but I shall have lots of tissues at the ready :eek:
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Apr 11, 2009
Thank you

I have to-day received a letter from the AS telling me that Brian's Tribute Fund "stands at £100 as of 19th February". I was delighted, moved (shed a tear or two) and so grateful to those of you who have read this thread and made a donation.

I would also like to pass on my thanks to the two of you who each posted a review at the Amazon website below the details of the collection of poems. I am indebted to you both.

Amazon's "Reports of Sales" are at times very elusive (or perhaps I don't navigate around the site very well) and always very much in arrears. I haven't yet been able to access the sales figures since posting here early in January. But regardless of how many sales have been made there, it is wonderful and heartwarming to know that donations have been made straight into the Tribute Fund.

My love and thanks to you all,