nan passed away last night


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Jan 17, 2008
hillsborough sheffield

iv never really posted much but i did used to come on and have a read through every now and then.

my husbands grandmother who we used to care for before going into a home, died last night in her sleep. she had been suffering terribly to the point i had to demand the staff did something. im glad i did because she was then made more comfortable and moved to a different part of the home and she had 1 to 1 care virtualy until she died.

im totaly heart broken but trying to keep most of it hidden because at the moment my husband needs me whos taking it very hard.
i lost my own nan 3 years ago to alzheimers and i lost my other nan this year in january to septiceima which i took very hard.

i knew this time was coming for winnie as i no how weak she was.

just wanted to say thank you to everyone on here , you are all amazing in how you carry on caring for others.

this place has been a bit of sanity for me, and talking to a lady at my local branch via email has been a huge help.

im hoping to go on and do some voluntary work when iv had a bit of time.

im 34 with 3 children to look after but im hoping somewhere inbetween being a mum i can help give help else where.

lots of love xxxxx


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Oct 29, 2009
South East Essex
In Sympathy

Just sending a warm ((hug)) as there are really no words that can help so soon after the loss of someone who obviously meant so much.

Take comfort in the knowledge that Winnie's trials & tribulations are now over. She will suffer no longer. I'm sure she knew that she was well loved right to the end.

I now you feel that you must keep strong to support your husband at the moment but please don't forget that you also need to allow yourself to grieve. Crying together can sometimes help both partners come to terms with loss.

Take care of each other & remember you have friends here whenever you need us.



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Jul 20, 2008
I am sorry for your loss Lilly-Rose and offer you my sincere condolences.

I am sure you know that Talking Point is here for you in your loss should you have the need:)



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Nov 28, 2005
Lilly Rose:
My deepest sympathies to you and your husband. I admire you thinking of helping others at this sad time but please take time for your own grief.

Best wishes


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Dec 1, 2006
Sending you and your family sympathy, Lilly-Rose, on the loss of Winnie. Your loving care must have been a big help to her during her life.
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Oct 6, 2007
Dear Lily-Rose,

I am so sorry to hear of your news.

My thoughts are with you and your family.

Sending you a big (((((((hug)))))))



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Jun 18, 2009
essex. frinton
I can only repeat what has been said before, what a wonderful person you are to be thinking of others when your hands are so full I wish you well for the future Lots of love TP is always here. wendy


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Jul 31, 2007
Dear Lily-Rose,

Sending sincere condolences to you and your husband.

You have lost so many loved ones in such a short time, time for grieving.

May you be granted the strength to get you through the coming days.

Best wishes