Nan is home from respite


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Jan 27, 2008
Hi ,
Firstly thankyou for replying to my thread the other day as i said then it was a huge help .
My nan came home from her respite home yesterday as my grandad had decided enough was enough and he wanted her home , they have been parted since before christmas and i can totally sympathise with him . Problem is though that the package of care will not start until next Monday !!!! He believes he can care for her until then even though he himself will be getting care . Due to his Liver disease he is also forgetfull and needs constant reminding of plans , dates etc .My nan seems on good form and although still very confused is much more settled now back home . She actually recognised me for the first time in weeks yesterday and started a conversation that we had had 6 weeks ago ! it's as though she thinks respite was a dream and no time has lapsed . As a result of all this she has actually been very pleasant to me and i am hoping i can build her trust in me again .I'm dreading the carers coming next week in a way as she will not like this one bit and will no doubt lash out again . Can't complain though as it's taken 6 weeks of blood , sweat and tears to get this care package !!!
Thanks for reading , it's great to off load as my friends are patient but not very interested in the finer details of my days with N & G .

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Dear pink,
It sounds as if your nan has benefitted from the respite. I hope next week goes well for all of you.
Love xx

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