Mystery Bra's


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Jul 15, 2005
Just a wee bit of humor. My Mom hid all of her bra's except the one she was wearing last week. We have looked everywhere and they are nowhere to be found ! So I took her out to buy more. Discovered that she has been wearing them maybe that is why she got rid of the darned uncomfortable things :eek:


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Oct 23, 2003
West Sussex
Hi Rummy, had to laugh at that. It brought back memories of the day I went into Mum's room to help her dress, she was struggling to get her knickers on. "Help me She" she said, "these are so small." I couldn't understand it as I had got her size 18/20 so they would slide on, (she was a size 12) When I looked, she had 5 pairs on, how we both laughed as I helped her peel off layer after layer. Luckily she had seen the funny side which was good. Wonder where the bras went to? Bet they turn up one day, in the strangest of places no doubt. Love She. XX :)


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May 1, 2005
lol dad when at home used to hide his wallet - in fear of "the strangers" pinching it!!

funnily enough my partner was usually the one to find it, sometimes in the strangest of places!!

he has a logic many of us have a difficulty understanding!!

"a good lad" dad still says that when we visit!

the bras will indeed turn up..........and it will be at a moment when you will need the distraction of a laugh :)

love Jane xx


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Mar 11, 2004
missing thigs!!

hey all

talking about missing things, my grandad hid all of the forks one day from out of the kitchen we have still yet to find them!!!

if you didnt lasgh i suppose you would cry

j x x


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Jun 28, 2005
Hiding things

My husband has a thing about hiding his cameras - video and digital. We had to go on holiday this year minus the camera because he had hidden it just before we left and no-one could find it. My daughters found it tucked away on a top shelf in the kitchen but I have also found the video camera in the hostess trolley and all the tapes from the video camera hidden in his brief case! Talk about frustrating. Trouble is he blames my poor daughter and the friends he says she brings into the house when we are not there. She doesn't even live with us now. They also take his tools and garden equipment!!

It's a great life if you don't weaken isn't it!!