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My wife has Memory Loss is there a link to Durogesic Fentanyl Patches.


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Feb 3, 2015
For the last 3 years it has been noticeable that my wife has been becoming more forgetful and repeats conversations etc. She also suffers with the effects of Hyper flexibility in all her joints and now has arthritis in all of her weight bearing joints, she has had a foot reconstruction, one total knee replacement and is on the waiting list for another and she also has a rotated disc in her lumbar spine and the spinal cord is pinched. I forgot to say she is 61. I cannot begin to understand the pain she suffers. Well at about the time she was diagnosed with the arthritis she was prescribed Morphine patches as the pain got worse she was then prescribed Fentanyl patches the dose has subsequently been increased. We were watching a programme on TV (fiction) where Fentanyl was used to kill someone. Out of interest I checked the side of effects of Fentanyl, memory loss being one of them. From a brain profusion function scan it has been confirmed there was little uptake of the trace in left side and back of the brain. The obvious question is was this caused by the Fentanyl or is it naturally occurring dementia? She is adamant that she wants to come off the Fentanyl, but then we have to address the withdrawal from the addiction. Forgot to say she has had to give up her job because of the problems this was causing at work.


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Oct 5, 2013
OH had fentanyl for a while last year. Apart from problems associated with being in hospital, from which he recovered, I did not notice any ill effects ascribable to the drug. Neither did he show any signs of addiction.