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my wife has I think early onset dementia

sheila leat

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Apr 7, 2015
The week before Easter we travelled to the UK for a wedding of my wife's sister's youngest son. During the weekend my became aggressive and abusive to me and her relatives. It became so violent that the police were called to our hotel late Sunday evening, and they called the tirage crises team who arrived at 11pm and spoke to me and my wife at length. Their prognoses was that she was now calm and able to dicuss things rationally and they would take no further action, but if it flared up again to call them. I told them that we had to make a two day journey back to Southern France where we live and I was concerned for her and my safety. They said to call them if a problem arose. Not a simple task as we were in Lincoln and going to Canterbury the next day. The journey to Canterbury was uneventful but the next day it started again and I called Lincoln to ask for a contact in Kent. I spoke to the contact who said I should call 111. I did at 3pm, but after an hour on my mobile with a bad line and having answered numerous questions they said they would ask the out of hours GP to call me. At 10.30 pm after having contacted the crises team at the local hospital and made a visit personally because they would not answer their phone I was told by a doctor to call 111. So my advice to all is don't bother with 111 they are useless. I gave up with them at 11.30pm some 8 hours after my first call. We finally returned to France on Good Friday and arrived home Saturday evening after a night stop en route. I left a letter at my GP's surgery on Tuesday,explaining the problem, and we saw him today (Wednesday). He has made a referral to a Pyschiatric clinic but not until the 13th May, even though I explained to that we needed a neurological test. Now I have to contend with unprovoked outbursts of anger and irrational behaviour for a month. Anyone have any ideas that might help, because I don't think I can manage to control the situation till then.
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Oct 28, 2013
Hello sheila leat so sorry you are having to deal with your wifes strange behaviour, what age is she? maybe she is going through the Menopause, if she is over that you will have to wait and see what the out come is with the Dr. One month is a long time to wait try to get an earlier appointment. Take care keep posting there will always be someone here to help you. Welcome to Talking Point.


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Aug 22, 2009
Is this the first time something like this has happened, out of the blue? It's just that it's not necessarily dementia that could cause this kind of behaviour.

I don't know what the situation is in France, but if you lived in the UK for some time then I would suggest ringing Social Services and saying you cannot cope with your wife's behaviour. As it is, I would go back to the GP if things get worse before your appointment.

If your wife's behaviour could harm herself or others (including you) then I would ring the police - if she doesn't calm down then they may 'section' her which would mean removing her to a psychiatric unit for her to be assessed and helped.

Hopefully you won't have any more episodes like before. Do you think they might have been triggered by anything like travelling to strange places?


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Mar 1, 2013
West Hertfordshire
Was it a 'one off , first ever' occurance?

Sounds veru odd to me, I'd really be wondering if perhaps someone spiked her drink, but you say it started up again, that cant be the case.

Hope you get some help soon. If you are ever afraid, do not hesitate to call the police, removing yourself to a safe place, even if its in the bedroom, walk away.

Keep a mobile phone about your person, just in case.

Big Hugs, must be horrible for you xx