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my wife age 73

john kerrigan

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Jun 12, 2015
continuing the sagaof my wife,on the 25/03/2015 my wife had an epileptic seizure at 7 a.m. this morning it was a very strong seizuree, thrashing her legs about for about 1 minute then blowing rasberry's foe about 5 minutes, the rest of the day she was outof it.
30/03/2015 my wife fainted at 7.45 a.m. while sat at the table having her serials, i had just left the room for a moment, when i came back into the room she was slumped in the dining chair, i lade her on the floor & rang 999 for a ambulace, they took her blood presure & gave her a thorough check over but could not find any couse of the fainting.
I had a theory on the problem, i was talking to a woman that has epilepsy & she was cutting her tablets in half , she spoke to the pharmacist & he said that rather than cutting the tablet in half she should have a smaller tablet, by axposing a uncoated tablet it could increase the blood pressure.
31/03/2015 made a appointment with the doctor the doctor said that they do noy make a prolonged release tegrotel 100m.g. tablet so it was decided to give my wife 200m.g.tegrotel in the morning & 400m.g. in thew evening,,up till now every thing is o.k. apart from still being incotinent bu i can put up with that by the use of the pads.

john kerrigan

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Jun 12, 2015
my wife

yes granyg we have the atention of=adult,health & welbeing,
=departmen for the elderly,
=community nurse for dementia,
=ocupational therapist,
=advice & assesment team,
= day senture twice a week, sat +weds
since moving to north wales in august 2014 we have had help from all of those departments,we have had to have a walk in shower fited did not have to pay v.a.t. with a leter rom the doctor.

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