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My University Project on my Grandad who passed from Alzheimers - "Into the darkness of a lost soul"


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May 9, 2022
I have created work in memory of my Grandad who passed away in 2018, he suffered from Alzheimers for 13 years before he passed. Watching him deteriorate from the age of 5 and growing up with him having this illness, I don't remember anything different. He was a wonderful man and despite the fact he may have been very different at the end, he was always my grandad. I study Photography at University and I am passionate about creating work that is personal to me and work that conveys a message to society also. This work symbolises the impact Alzheimers and Dementia has on a person and how it impacts their life and their possessions. Hopefully my work shows my grandads character and shows you a piece of him we still have with us.

Any feedback on my project would be really appreciated and I would love to know if anybody could relate to the work I have created. I wanted it to give people a sense of togetherness and allow us and others to not feel so alone in the grieving process.


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