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My poor mother is gone


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Apr 5, 2013
Good to know that the end was peaceful for your mother and that her family was with her.
may she rest in peace.
what a journey,


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Sep 13, 2014
I just wanted to send my condolences Witzend.

You're in my thoughts xx

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Oct 18, 2010
North East England
What a dignified end to a long life. She was not alone and now neither are you...so many memories. Ditch the bad ones and smile at the happy and be content, you did your best for her.


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Jan 20, 2014
Oh Witzend, in the light of our recent conversation about the end of life, I am so sorry but share what must also be your relief, too. You seem to have had an exceptinally long journey with your mother, I am glad for her and glad for all of you that she can now rest in peace at last.

How lovely about finding the note from her to you all, as if to remind you all of the person she was before this dreadful illness took over. There are often sad but wonderful moments around grieving.

I really feel for you Witzend and also appreciate many of the posts you have written. Xx


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Jan 22, 2011
How strange some of us were just talking about this the other day.

I'm so glad your mums suffering is over and it happened while you were at home and not in France.

I hope and pray we don't have 15 years . Although,mum showed the first signs 11 years ago.

Nice too for you to have received a letter. We have no such comforts sadly. Something we all need to take note about.

Every time the home rings I stifle a panic as its not often. Today they rang to say mum had picked someone's tablet up and swallowed it.

One day it will be the real thing. Like living ona knife edge.


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Feb 25, 2015
So sorry for your loss but happy that your mum is now free from this awful illness. My mum is only 84 so I fear we have a long way to go yet ...


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Dec 21, 2008
So sorry for your loss, although I'm sure you're relieved that she wasn't alone and it didn't happen when you're all away at the wedding.

How wonderful to receive a note from her pre dementia - I hope that it is the first of many happy pre dementia memories that will come back in time.

Thinking of you and your family.


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Nov 23, 2014
Please accept my condolences - your thoughtful insights have been a great help to many. I do hope your marathon of coping with the dread disease is now at an end.


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Jan 19, 2011
North East England
Please accept my condolences, Witzend. I understand what you mean by sorry but not.

Reading about the letter from your mum made me fill up, how lovely for you all to have such treasured words from your mum. Your real mum xx

Ann Mac

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Oct 17, 2013
I understand the 'sorry but not sorry' too - thinking of you and yours, Witzend xxxx


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Oct 18, 2013
British Isles
Condolences on your loss, Quilty has expressed my feelings perfectly;
"I am so sorry for your terrible loss, but glad that you all were able to be with her at the end. Your mother must have been an incredible woman to think about her letters. I hope they help you remember her real self but that the remembering is not too bitter-sweet.

You have walked a long hard road and have helped so many with your story. Thank you and I wish you peace in the days ahead"