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My new life


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Sep 6, 2017
Well it is almost nine weeks since dad died and here I am still isolated from the world. It is a strange life indeed. I go from my house to dads place, a bit of cleaning here and a bit of cleaning there. I can't get rid of any rubbish so I have boxes of stuff for charity shops sitting in dads garage and I suspect that when the charity shops open again they will be inundated with stuff. The recycling centre is shut so can't get rid of anything there, so can't clear dads house. Doesn't really matter I suppose.

I am sorting out dads documents and he had quite a lot of old ones going back to the 90's so I have bought a decent shredder and I have decided to sort out all of our old documents too and yes I have found payslips and P 60's from 1986 so maybe it is a family trait. I have a lot of shredding to do.

Dads place was always kept very tidy but I keep finding treasures like old letters from dads best friend in Australia. It is very therapeutic going through some of these memories and it reminds me of the old dad before dementia. I miss him terribly but I am glad that he is not here now as it would have been very difficult and he was so already very unwell that the corona virus would just have made everything even scarier . I am grateful that we managed to have dads funeral before the lock down and I feel very sad for all those people who are not able to say goodbye properly to their loved ones, at least I did get that.

Looking to the future is strange too because all of my plans have gone out of the window again for the who knows how long. I had a holiday planned in May that I booked last year and was so looking forward to it but I received a refund this morning because it is cancelled.

Anyway I took the plunge on Monday and signed on as unemployed which could be interesting, I shall have to wait and see what happens next with that.

Might even get a job.


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Apr 13, 2018
Good to hear you are getting things organised with your dad's house. Signing on sounds like a positive step. Hope a job you want turns up, though I guess the jobs available at the moment might not be ones you would want.


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Jan 5, 2014
It is a limbo time for everyone I think.

I hope you find a job you want.

We were wondering about charity shops being inundated with people's clearouts - or maybe people will bin things as don't want to hold onto stuff. Dau thought that charity shops might get more use as people will need them, so might balance out. We often get charity collection bags through the door and amazingly got one this week for a collection on Tuesday. Not all of the bags through the door are 'proper charities' but this one says Age UK - and it's taking everything whereas some just take clothers - not a lot as it happens - so will be getting what we've got and dau took some stuff to sell on a site she uses (she can keep the money).