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My Nana


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Nov 27, 2006
Gateshead, Newcastle
Hi There

My nana has just been diagnosed with the horrible diease, it has devastated the whole family, she is still in hospital at the moment in a secure unit - where she has made alot of nice friends and the staff are just incredible.

I do not know where I would be without them, a diffrent member of the family goes and sees my nana on a nightime (within visiting hours) I have not been up as much as the rest of the family as I find it stresses me out with me just being young. I mean I am only 18 and I am finding it hard to deal with, knowing that my nana will not be out for Christmas and that someday soon she will not know who I am




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Mar 19, 2005
Hi Kayleigh

I was 25 when my Dad was diagnosed (he was just 51), and I felt the same horror as you knowing that one day he wouldn't know who I was. Thankfully, it has now been 2 and a half years and although he forgets names he still knows who we all are. That doesn't stop me feeling sad when I think about the future; mainly because I have 2 young children and I always imagined him being the best Grandad (he is, after all, the best Dad) but this horrible disease has robbed him of that, as he can't be alone with them.

Despite what the future holds, remember your Nan as she was, and visit her as often as you feel comfortable- no one will blame you if you can't face it, everyone on this site can tell you it's not easy.

Christmas is a horrible time for many people, so again you're not alone worrying about it. Make it as special as you can so you have some more good memories. You said that the staff at the unit are nice, so you should be relieved that she is in a place where she will hopefully be given a good Christmas anyway.

Take care, love Kate x.


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Oct 21, 2006
Hi Kayleigh, im sorry to hear about your nana. My mums been diagnosed with alzheimers (aged 61) and i can relate to your worries about the future. My mums diagnosis is fairly new and im still working my way through the wide range of emotions that it causes but I just wanted you to know that you will get through this. It will be difficult but please dont bottle up your thoughts and feelings. Im glad you've found TP. I have found it so useful to read other's posts and see that other people have similar experiences and feel the same way. I dont live with my mum and spend a lot of the time when i am not with her feeling guilty. Your family will understand that you find it difficult to see your nana but you will get stronger in your own time - everyone reacts in different ways and you need to work your way through your emotions. Keep in your mind how your nana was and cherish the happy memories and times you have shared. Try also not to dwell too much on the future. Enjoy the here and now. It is easy to spend time worrying how things will be in months or years to come and actually miss out on the present. My very best wishes are with you and your family x x x


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Mar 7, 2004
Dear Kayleigh and Lillie, I am just so glad that you have found TP.

It must be so, so hard for youngsters to have any idea of what to expect of their loved ones. Us more mature (only in years) people find this whole journey difficult.

Carry on posting, asking questions etc, and I am sure you will bring as much comfort to us as we can bring experience to you. Love

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