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    Jul 17, 2018
    My nans dad had Alzheimer’s. She’s been forgetful for the last 2/3 years. It’s starting to get worse for instance we went shopping on the weekend to get something and she got out the car and asked what we were shopping for then asked again when we got in the shop what it is we were shopping for. The next minute she’s her normal self and fine. It’s dips in and out. She went to the doctors about 2 yrs ago they said they could give her a tablet that prevents it from getting worse but she insisted she was fine and they did this test on her asking her al these questions but it was questions like who is the queen so she got them all right. Does anyone know if I can do anything/ how to help please. Thank you
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    Hello and welcome to TP.

    The best person to advise is the GP. Lots of things other than dementia can cause slight memory problems so a visit to the GP is where we all have to start. If your nan is reluctant to go you could arrange a general check up and raise your concerns either in advance or while at the surgery.

    If you want to take a read at the AS Factsheet about this stage of the process you can trace it by following this link

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