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My nan has a very bad memory.


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Nov 20, 2015
Hi just wanted some advice really or see if anyone is going through the same thing. My Nans memory is quite bad and it's getting worse and worse, she hasn't been diagnosed with Dementia but we are sure she has it. The other day we phoned her and said make sure ur ready we will be round in an hour to take you out when we got there she was still in her night clothes she had completely forgot. Yesterday I went to see her and she really upset me I went and made her a cup of tea and gave her, her tablets and then when we was about to leave I got up to go and get our coats and she ran after me saying what are you doing I said we are getting our coats and she said ok it was as if she thought I was going to steal from her. I am really close to my Nan and for her to act like that really upset me. I am worried about going to visit her again I feel like I'm losing my Nan she does not remember anything anymore. Anyone else going or gone through this. I love my Nan so much she has done so much for me. We use to have so much fun I use to take her to the zoo with my kids, out for lunch, shopping, cook her dinner. The doctors don't really seem to be doing anything about her memory I think maybe they are thinking its old age she is 85. Thanks for reading sorry about the long post.


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Jul 20, 2011
Hi Chantelle, welcome to Talking Point and so sorry to hear your nan is having difficulty remembering things. It might be a good idea to go to her doctor with her. You could say to her that it is a general check up and speak to the doctor before you go or if you can't then write a note to give to him as you go in to say you are worried about your nan's memory. This would start the ball rolling. once you start there will be all sorts of options available to you all. You can also phone social services adult care duty desk and ask for an assessment - a day centre might be a good idea or there are other things available. They will do assessments and work out what extra care she needs. Your local alzheimer's society will help you and a great place to join is your local carers organisation - google your town with carers organisation. If you go to one of the meetings you will get a lot of local information.

Please don't stop going to see your Nan, she needs you now more than ever and once you start to get some help things will get easier. She is probably frightened too and you are a really important person in her life

This is really helpful leaflet about talking to her - i had it on my fridge for four years when i looked after my mum just to remind me lol. Have a look


we are all here to help you so please keep posting. Thinking of youxx


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Nov 9, 2009
Good afternoon Chantelle,welcome to Talking Point, so sorry you have worrys about your nan, it's difficult when the medical profession put everything down to "old age" :rolleyes:
Is it possible you could have a chat with her doctor or write a letter explaining these problems? then get nan to be "invited" in for a check up and have simple blood tests done, many memory problems can be caused by lack of iron,tyhroid function, vitamin levels etc so get those ruled out, nan may also have a urine infection(UTI) which can cause confusion and hallucinations..sadly this can go hand in hand with old age, doctors seem to be overworked these days but you will need to keep on nagging them, nan may be one of many with memory problems at their practice but she is your nan:p and they need to not be so dismissive, social services will need to do an assessment for nan to see if any help can be given, you can contact them direct.
You will get much support and understanding here,so please do keep posting.
Take care


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Nov 5, 2015
Bangor, UK
Hi Chantelle, my mother in law has suffered from memory problems for years and her NHS doctor has told her for 3 years it was due to stress - when we took her private she was immediately diagnosed with Alzheimer's. If you have health insurance or the money I recommend you try a private doctor. Good luck and I hope this helps.