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My Mum


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Feb 21, 2015
I have just joined this forum - my Mum who is nearly 93 is showing all the symptoms of dementia but I am loathe to mention it as both her parents had dementia, her mother had Alzheimers and her father had vascular dementia - both died from the effects. Mum is constantly repeating herself, has stopped going out alone, gets confused outside the home etc. She still lives alone though I am only two minutes away. Should I take her to the GP or should I just leave things as they are?


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Hi blueboy, I would go to the GP. It sounds like it could well be dementia, but there are other things that it could be that are treatable (eg an infection). Also, if it is dementia, as you probably know it progresses, so you will need support. Dont forget the financial side too - she may be eligible for Attendance Allowance and people with dementia are exempt from council tax.


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May 18, 2014
My FIL was 88 at diagnosis and was in a terrible state ( we had been excluded till he got to a crisis) but once we dealt with infections and got meds altered he was so much better and is living well with dementia ( we are amazed how well!) but also getting support in place for you both is important.....so talk to the GP ....and other support services.

My FIL refuses to believe he has AZD ......the diagnosis has made no difference to him personally ....but has helped us enormously.

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