My mum


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Aug 7, 2003
My mum seems to be getting progressively forgetful. She has not been diagnosed has having Alzheimers or Dementia but all the signs are there. I do not live with them so I don't see her in the same way as my dad does who is with her all the time

I think they are both secretly hoping that it will come to nothing. I am not sure whether or not facing up to it will mean that we can do something about slowing it down if that's what it turns out to be.

Can the disease be slowed down by being addressed early enough?

It's like she isn't the same mum anymore, and I don't want this to happen to her


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Aug 2, 2003
Sible Hedingham
Hello Lynnette

Thankyou for your message - like yourself ,I am a new member so
apologies if I've not got the hang of replying yet!

Sorry to hear about you Mum, I know how difficult this can all be in the early stages, & the fact you are not seeing your Mum all the time makes it all very difficult.

When I noticed things were going wrong for my Mum, she was already living with us - so I was able to monitor her quite closely at first.

After a short while I got her an appointment to see the
physicatric geriatrician ( spelling probably wrong !)- who did quite
a lengthy assessment & then a follow-up one before Alzheimers
was even mentioned.

This was some years ago now (Mum had Alzheimers for approx
8 years after diagnosis) - & now I understand there are some
benificial drugs that can be prescribed.

Hopefully these may be of some help to your Mum, & could even slow down the onset of advanced Alzheimers.

I wish you & all your family the best of luck & hope the above may be of some use.

Take care.



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May 28, 2003
An early diagnosis is essential.
A GP is able to rule out any other causes for the symptoms of dementia, such as an infection. They usually then refer to a Specialist. If you do get palmed off, you can insist that you would like to be referred.
After numerous tests, and possible a CT scan or similiar, only then can a diagnosis be made.
There are aprox 4 different tablets available to slow down the progression of the symptoms of dementia, particularly Alzheimer's disease. Of course the prescription of such is up to the specialist.
Have a look at the main web page, 2 of the drugs are called Exelon and Aricept, and the society has an information sheet about them.


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Jun 11, 2003
Hi Lynette,
The advice that you have been given is so worthy from Angela and Pauline.
From my families experience I would recommend that you persue your initial thoughts, on occasions some doctors initially diagnose depression and antidepressents are prescribed. However as confirmed there are specific drugs for the illness which in some instances can aid with the slowing down. Share your feelings with the doctors early diagnosis is essential for all of you to receive the adequate support and advice necessary. This website is brilliant for information and the support mechanisms available. Take Care and speak soon. Mariax


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Jul 21, 2003

I too tried to first ignore Mum's forgetfulness, then I put it down to age and then I realised it could be alzheimers but just wanted to bury my head in the sand, in the hope it would go away on its own!!!!!!

The hardest thing is accepting to YOURSELF that your beloved mum, the rock in your life could have some horrible destructing illness that may cause them to suffer.

I have to say that once my mum had been diagnosed - some 12 months ago - that I felt a little better and was able to talk about it with others. Her condition had a name and there was some treatment for it.

Mum has been on Aricept since last Xmas and I think it has slowed down the deterioration. Its not a wonder drug but anything helps.

Good Luck - I think we all on this forum need it at some time or other.



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Aug 20, 2003
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
All mothers

Dear friends,

I have just register to this forum.
First of all, sorry for my English. It is not my native language.
On September 13 will be a year that my mother passed away.
I faced a very hard time during all her disease - 7 years.
I always thing that mothers are all forbidden to be ill but they do.
I have suffered a lot but I have learned a lot too. Now, I would like to help people who is passing through this same problem.
We always thing that our suffer is the worst and heavy in all the world but it is not the truth.
One thing I have learned is that we must face each problem at a time. You can plann steps and procedures but please, do not worry in advance. You take a chance to loose energy and at the time you need to solve a problem you are too stressed.
Hope I can help somebody.
Please believe that you are not alone.