My Mum


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Mar 18, 2006

Just got back from what was the best visit I have had for months so instead of my usual doom and gloom I thought I,d share it with you. My Mum has has her head down for about 6 weeks now but today it was almost up, she was eating her dinner and even managed a bit of conversation. She ate constantly (probably being sick now lol) and had a good drink (non alc).
Whilst I was ther she got up for the toilet and while she was up I made her cuddle me she actually patted me on the back bless her



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Jan 4, 2006
Hey that's special, that pat on the back said 'I love you, I'm still your mum, caring for you.' Hang on to it. I'm pleased you have had a good visit.
Love Amy


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Mar 13, 2006
such a nice post:)
one good visit can cancel out the bad ones dont you think:)