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lynne J

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Jun 27, 2008
Hello Everyone, This is my first post.
My mum has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, she is on medication, she is 86 years old. It feels like I have lost my mum and sometimes as though I am the worst carer in the world, I cry often, I find it really hard to make light of the situation. Has anyone any help or advice for me.


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May 22, 2007
Hello Lynne

You are not the worst carer in the world ... trust me I often feel at a loss not knowing how to cope, but have muddled through it. The times I have sat alone and cried about the unfairness of it all and the gradual loss of my great and loving dad are too many to count.

I have tried to keep a sense of humour through all the ups and downs over the last 3 years and I've found it does help. I even have my dad laughing sometimes :) Bu you will find wonderful support on here, with many kind people who do understand.



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Jun 26, 2008
My mums just been told she has vasuclar dementia - she wont except it. Ive lost my mum too. Its horrid This morning she said yes to people going in everyday Great i thought - not so now ive have over 30 abusive phone calls from her since and im crying and i dont want to be. Its so hard.

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
To Lynne and MGB

Please try not to feel so alone. There are many people here who understand your heartache and suffering.

Your mothers are experiencing different symptoms of dementia but you both are traumatised by the diagnosis, the responsibility and fears for the future.

Please try to get as much help as you can. If your mothers won`t accept help try to get help for yourselves.

And tell of your fears and experiences on Talking Point [TP] as there are others who will know, and will want to offer support.

With love xx

lynne J

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Jun 27, 2008
Thank you all so much in replying and for your reassurance. It is a tough time at the moment but you have made me realise that help is at hand and I shall certainly keep in touch. MGB Keep you chin up (I will if you will)!

Lynne J

fearful fiona

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Apr 19, 2007
Dear Lynne and MGB,

I know how all that feels and you just feel like tearing your hair out don't you! My Mum did all the same things, refusing to accept that there was a problem, agreeing to see doctors then changing her mind and then calling me and screaming at me down the phone.

There is help out there for whatever you need, whether it is professional advice or just someone to listen on TP. You don't have to suffer in silence. And if you want a good cry, there's no law that says you can't.

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