My Mum is a Dr and has AD


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Sep 23, 2005
Hi everyone, it is absolutely wonderful to know you are there in this world with AD. Only my second post but wondered if anyone could help. My Mum bless her is 86, in a care home near to me and getting the full moderate to severe - it changes suddenly day by day - AD symptoms and frustrations. Her rotten luck is that she is a doctor so knows all about the nightmare which surrounds her and she is often still very very aware of what is going on each day. She also is well aware of what may (hopefully not) lie ahead for her. My brother and I and the family love her to bits and together with the first class nursing home care are trying to help her get the best out of her life at present - lots of visits, trips out and family time by the fire with meals etc at our house. She does not wish to live any more - who would blame her!! - she has done all she wants to do in her life and is a wonderful mother and grandmother. Her one remaining wish is to be able to find another doctor with AD who she could communicate with - perhaps via Talking Point - to help her to come to terms with her illness and compare notes with another doctor on how they are coping. Does anyone know how if at all I could fulfill this major final :rolleyes: wish for her? Hugh


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Jun 3, 2005
Oh Hugh

I am SO sorry. Obviously Doctors are just as likely to get AD as any other 'classification' of person, but it seems extra-cruel that someone who has devoted their professional life to helping other people should get it. She knows only too well the 'mechanics' of what is happening to her, and what the ultimate decline is like. My early-stage AD Mum is an ex psychiatric nurse (now 86) so she knows too much about it too (although her experiences of how it was dealt with are 30-40 years old)

I hope you will be able to find a contact for her whilst she is still able to benefit from it.

Best Wishes

blue sea

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Aug 24, 2005
Welcome to TP. Hope you can find the contact you need. Your mum sounds wonderful. Her quality of life will be so much better through having a family that care about her so much. There seems to be such a huge variation in the way and speed with which AD prgresses that it is very difficult for anyone, even a doctor, to know what to expect. I'm sure many people die of other causes before the worst stages of dementia set in. it really is an illness which seems best faced on a day by day basis. Treasure and savour the good moments and don't spoil them by fear of the future, which is unknown for us all. It must be very hard for your mum as she has an awareness of her condition. Probably the only blessing of the progression of the illness is that that self awareness fades for many people and they are less able to anticipate the future.

Blue sea


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Nov 17, 2005
My Dad

My dad died last year age 65 he was in a nursing home for 4 years he was diagnosed with a form of dementia nobody knew about or understood, a private neurosurgeon called it lewes bodies with parkinson disease while he was in the nursing home he was treated as someone with alzheimers no-one knew really how to treat or care for him properly. I would love to hear from someone who has heard or knows of the disease.


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Sep 23, 2005
Thank you for your thoughtful support

Dear Lynne and bluesea, thanks for reponding to my caal for help on behalf of Mum. We continue to search meanwhile we thank you for your kind responses. Currently Mum is in very low mood having recently been refferred to the day hospital - wonderful people there but Mum wont have anything of it, even though she requested some occupational therapy. I am despearte to find just a few things to help bring some pleasure into Mums anxiety and unhappy life but at present all efforts seem to be failing. She is a wonderful brave woman facing her only dread in life with great courage - I just wish I could help in some way to take away some of her frustration, anger and fear. I will keep trying and never give up - just on days like today when my energy is low I feel overwhelmed by theo whole beastly situation. Thanks to you both again, Hugh

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