My mother and the Alzheimer disease...Mexico


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May 29, 2003
Hola a todos: First of all, I am from Campeche Mexico and my English may not be the best, my language is of course Spanish...but what is really important to me, is to know that there is people that is going through a very similar situation. Basically I am writing you to know know, my mother has all the symptoms of the Alzheimer disease...she is a woman of 74 years who has 6 daugthers, I am one of them...the truth is that we love her, but due to many things that happened in our family, like my father abandoning her and us 30 years ago, we really never had the best of the mother leaves with an unmarried sister of mine, but recently she is getting worst...I am sad and scared...I just want to introduce myself and feel part of a group...I love my sisters, but I think that we are all so scared that we are not doing it right....maybe with the orientation of some of you, we can do it better...

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