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My mom is on last stage


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Apr 1, 2015

My mom is suffering from dementia from last two and a half years. Initially she stammerred while speaking now she has stopped speaking now. She had stopped taking food and was completely on liquid diet.
Now she has even stopped taking food. Can anyone suggest why this is happening and what could be the cause.
Doctors say this is the last stage. Her skin is getting dry and she is facing difficulty is swallowing.

Please suggest...


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Jan 14, 2010
East Kent
I am so sorry. All your mums symptoms are likely to b caused by the way dementia can progress in some people.
Dry skin can be helped by moisturising, I used to use Aqueous cream on my mum , I found it to be very good. I tried other creams specifically for very dry skin, they were nowhere near as good though.

This sure is a hard time for you.
Please come and use this forum , their are many here who will understand


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Dec 11, 2013
Hi guaravs and welcome to TP :)

I am so sorry that you are your mom are facing such tough times. I agree with Lin, aqueous cream is good. I have also found Aveeno to be effective.

Are you caring for your mom at home? If so, you should have a district nurse to advise you. Ask if you are not seeing one.

If your mom is in a care home or hospital, try to work alongside the nurses and carers there if you can, that way you will feel better informed and more involved with your mom's care.

Whether your mom is at home or not, you are important to her care. Take care of yourself.


Lindy xx