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"My Life On A Post It Note" - BBC Documentary


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May 27, 2005
Documentary shown on BBC1 this evening.

ONE life follows the story of Christine Lyall-Grant who has early-onset dementia, and her daughter, Fiona, who is struggling to come to terms with her mother's reliance on her.

More info:

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I found this to be an excellent and well presented documentary.

As a big advocate of 'Humour Therapy' I can see that Christine appears to use humour to cope with some distressing issues, which I found to be both positive and uplifting regarding this much maligned (or ignored) illness.

After the 'Mike Baldwin' story on Coronation Street which I personally found to be VERY depressing and an oversimplified 'summary' of dementia, it is excellent to see something like this...

Someone discussing issues about euthanasia openly

Expressing wishes NOT to go into a care home

Talking about the joy of finding a lost object, which I found interesting - a 'positive' re: dementia and Alzheimer's and something you don't often see portrayed.

In both my personal and professional interests I have two things re: Alzheimer's and Dementia that are important to me for giving 'insight' into these issues:

"Malcolm & Barbara: A Love Story" (an excellent documentary)
"Dancing With Dementia: My Story of Living Positively with Dementia" by Christine Bryden (an excellent book)

I now have a third to add - this prog.

I really do feel that Christine and Fiona have done something positive by letting this be seen, which will help get rid of the stigma of this illness!