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My letter has been published


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Mar 12, 2005
West Sussex
In the campaign section of this site there are e-mail templates to send to your local MP and local newspapers, regarding the lack of funding from the NHS to help pay for AD sufferers care.

My MP sent a letter last week in response, not promising anything concrete but it is a start.

Today I was shown the local paper, and there was my letter!

If you haven't yet done so please send your e-mails too, it is very easy.



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May 27, 2005
That's great stuff - good on you Kathleen!


I've been sending out emails/leaving threads on various forums etc. etc. and tomorrow I'll be taking the 'Hands Off Dementia Drugs' cards into University to see if I can get anyone else to join in this worthy campaign.

I did contact the local press at the last update and didn't get any joy... but thanks to your positive piece of news... I think it's time for me to do it again!

Glad you got your letter in... maybe you can post some of what was in it here?


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